Vking paddles 4-sections 220/230

Vking 4-sections 220/230 paddle


The folded paddle is 220/230 cm long. When unfolded, the components are 60/63 cm, which makes it easy to fit into a small backpack. Therefore, we especially recommend this model of padle for packrafts, where small dimensions is very important.


This is a high-quality 4-piece folding paddle, very light (!) weight 1000/1015 g, designed for kayaks and rafting.


The length of the paddles is appropriately selected for folding, hybrid and packraft kayaks.


It is a light paddle and can be used for packrafting.


This padle is a universal, tourist designed for all types of waters.




The most important features:


  • 220/230 cm long - suitable for kayaks and packrafts
  • Disconnects into 4 parts
  • The blade is made of strong and durable fibrillon, a mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Non-slip, rubberized surface on places where the paddle is held
  • Rubber drip caps to prevent water from running down on your hands
  • Reliable system of components.
  • Asymmetrical blade
  • Possibility to set the angle of the pen: right-handed, left-handed or straight.





  • length - 220/230 cm
  • weight - 900/915 g
  • bar diameter - 30 mm


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